Transferring a board I have been invited to (from another company) to my own Monday workspace

Hi All,
If another business (who also uses Monday) has invited you to a board, are you able to integrate this somehow into your own Monday workspace so it can sit with your other boards? Or do they have to remain separate…

Hi @RachBlack !

Welcome to the community. As of right now account information stays within the account. You can transfer boards from account to account, but it will not update in real time on each account.

Hope this brings some clarity!

Hi @RachBlack

The boards will stay in the respective accounts - you can switch between accounts to access the relevant boards.
It is possible to transfer a board from one account to another, but this will remove it from the original account and requires you to have admin access on both accounts using the same email address.
If this is relevant for you feel free to reach out to our support team at who can guide you through the steps!