Keeping links when transferring boards

Our company apparently had two Monday accounts and we are in the process of combining the accounts into one. I am able to transfer the boards from one account to the other, however, the connected boards stay connected, but the information in the columns dissapear. Example:

We have 3 boards. Business Accounts, Reps that work under that account, and clients those reps bring in. All 3 are connected so at the end of the day we can say, Brian from ABC Company brought in these 4 clients.
However when I transfer the boards, the Business accounts no longer show any reps in the rep column, the reps no longer show the Business account the work under. That information isn’t there any longer. Is there a way to keep this information when you make the transfer? If not I will have to manually reconnect everything!

Hey Whitney,

There’s more information in this article, however if you are duplicating a board (to another account) that is linked to another board, make sure both boards are included in the same folder! If the linked board is not included in the folder (and therefore not duplicated to the destination account) the Connect Boards column will be hidden.

Please let me know if you’re still experiencing issues with this!