Linked Info Not Transferring to Different Boards?

I have 1 main board that is linked, two-way connection, to 11 other boards.

When I add info into the next board it links and displays everything correctly.

However, when I move that item to another board the linked info disappears… It actually appears then disappears as if it’s a bug or glitch. I can go into the main board to see it shows the mirrored info from the third board. The checkmark to link the item is no longer active, only when I move it back into the previous board.

Even the move to group “choose a column” drop down is properly selected… Still doesn’t move properly or show what’s on the main board.

I’m following the instructions here but it’s not working

Hi @jberlin :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues here!
I think it would be best for our support team to take a closer look here, as it sounds like this might be best handled on a 1:1 basis.

Would you be able to shoot the team an email? You can reach them at
It would be really helpful if you could include a short screen recording of the steps you’re taking to experience this issue. The support team aren’t able to log into user accounts due to privacy restrictions, so seeing a recording will really help to understand the issue better.

You can use to record for free and then share a link with the team!