Linked column confusion

Hey there,

we are experiencing yet a little confusion with the linked columns. We have a central board let’s call it A and two sub-boards B and C.

During the development of the structure of the boards, there was a lot of changes in all of the boards, with the structure, columns, links and mirrors. There was data entered, deleted, links created, deleted again and so on.

After all, we were happy with what we have developed.

Now our use case is, we maintain data in board A that are linked to previously created data in B and C.
The confusing part is, when we now enter new data in A and fill the linked columns, this link is not reflected in B or C and we have no glue why that is.

Has anybody experienced something like that and wants to share the solution?

Thanks a lot and happy monday-ing :smiley:


Hey @Alexander,

Thanks for posting about this! To clarify, when you say the link is not reflected, are you not seeing anything in the “Connect Boards” column? Connect boards column (Previously Link to item column)

Or are you not seeing anything in the mirrored columns (actual column data)? Feel free to write in to us at too—we can work with you to get this figure out there, particularly if you share screenshots.