Linking multiple items from one board to single item on another board from a particular group

I have one board “Clients” and another board “Client Tasks.” In “Client Tasks” board, I have “Pending” Group, and “Complete” Group. I have mirrored the “Client Name” from “Clients” to the “Client Tasks” board. I have been able to get the tasks linked to that particular client to show up on my “Clients” board.

Is there a way to ONLY have tasks from the “Pending” GROUP in my “Client Tasks” board to show up in the mirrored column on my “Clients” board?

Also, is there a way to count the sum of these in another column? Tried looking everywhere for help and can’t find a thread laying this out, though I’m sure it’s been asked before.

Hey Anthony! Sorry for the late response here!

If you’re still experiencing issues with the mirror column and need help getting your account set up as you want it, let us know at and we’d be happy to help with this!