Can I mirror the overall bottom project progress bar to another board?

Hello community,

I have a board that I am linking to another. The first board is meant to summarize a list of projects currently being worked on. The second board provides a more granular view by task for the different projects (groups) with progress bars. I am now trying to link the progress of these individual projects to the summary view by mirroring; however, I need to link to the overall project progress of the aggregated individual tasks within that project since I’m trying to provide an overall summarized view. Is this possible? I sure hope so.

Appreciate your help or any tip!


Hi kumachan,

I had this same question and have only found one solution/work-around at the moment. It can be accocmplished using the ‘Connect Boards’ along with Mirror Column. Pretty good walkthrough video and how-to here: You would select all relevant tasks on the ‘Connect boards’ part and will show the summary.

I do find it likely to have problems with this update structure still though as adding the tasks on the high level summary board is still a manual process as you cannot just ‘Add all tasks’ from either a group on that board, or the board itself…that is what I hope to see in the future… But for now at least it is something…

Hope that helps!

Hi kumachan!

So sorry for the delayed response! If you still need help with this, let us know at and we’d be happy to figure this out together! :blush: