Keeping Board Connections


I have 3 boards: Index, Tasks, and Archive.

The Index board contains a list of different topics as items, and under them as subitems are the types of content that we need to create. The subitems on the Index board has a connection column to items on the Tasks board so that we can track our progress for repurposing content to different platforms.

Every week, we transfer all completed tasks for the past week (as a group) to the Archive board so that the Tasks board only contains present and future tasks.

However, every time we move the group of items to the Archive board, the connection between the Index and Tasks board are removed. I would always have to reconnect by connecting the Index board subitems with Archive board items instead.

Is there a way to keep the connection whenever we move from Tasks to Archive?

Hey there!

I am afraid that this is expected behaviour at this time. When archiving an item all existing connections will be removed. I apologise for the setback here and am happy to relay this as feedback to our internal team :pray:

Hey @BiancaT ! Appreciate your response, but I’m not referring to archiving an item. I specifically created a board named “Archive” to not use Monday’s native Archive feature.

Ah, my apologies for my oversight there!

In order to maintain the connection, please follow the steps in this article →

Please let me know if this helps :pray: