Template app for external clients from a Monday workspace template

My boss used the basic general CRM template included in Monday’s library as a base for his own template.

Can I use that to create an app template or would I need to start from scratch to avoid any issues with integrating it in our shareable with outside clients app?

Hey @sdarby!

I’ve followed up with our product team for clarification on this one for you! I will circle back here when they reply. Thanks in advance for your patience :pray:

I got an answer for this a couple weeks ago from the dev team. The answer was that I can’t use Monday.com’s boards to make a template for use outside of the instance of Monday that I am a team member of. I had to create all the boards from scratch so that we could also do a custom import process and later loop it into an iOS app.

Hmm, do you mind reaching out via a private message and let us know who you spoke with? I’ve reached out to our developers who mentioned that we may not actually have a technical limitation here, so we’re happy to look further into this for you!