Create template to include multiple boards

Hi, I’m new to Monday. I have 5 boards created that I’ve configured to track the various elements of a single project. Each of these boards has elements that are unique to that board. I’m looking to template these as a group, so that each time I start a new project, I can use the template to create these 5 boards inside a project folder. Wondering if this is possible, and if so, how to create this? Thanks.

hi @hwiner

Welcome to the community! This is possible with so called workplace templates. A good source to start with is Workspace Templates

Thanks for the response.

I’m finding this common thread in the Monday community …

your suggestion to look at workspace templates is all good, but after searching for 20 minutes online and in the app, i can’t find “features” section in which to add that. i’m really having trouble understanding the basic principals and capabilities. I’m extremely familiar with app manipulation, i’m experienced in learning and integrating apps, and i have no problem doing research, but the amount of bandwidth i need to learn about this without any in-person interaction is beyond my capacity. it’s maddening.

how do i get straight answers and some basic help to get started?


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Hi @hwiner ,

You will find the workspace template by going into the developer section and then create an app. After putting the app details like name and description ,click on create feature and you will be asked to select the option for creating an app and there you will find this workspace template.

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