Workspace Templates for Apps

Hello all. I have been using Monday for some time now, and stumbled over the concept of Workspace Templates … not the same as board templates

The help page for Workspace templates can be found here. monday Apps - Workspace Templates

It states …To add a workspace template to your monday app, simply go to the features section of your app and create a new workspace template feature.

Can anyone guide me to the Features Section please … ? I can’t find it :slight_smile:


The link you provided is for building/using Workspace Templates within Monday Apps you’ve created. So to find the Feature section you need to first navigate to your application.

If you are NOT currently building a Monday App, this is the article What are Workspaces? – Support. I don’t see them mention templates like in the other one, so that might only be available when creating Monday apps. But its probably a feature in the works since you can template just about everything else.

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