Missing Column for Users

As the board owner I can see my contacts and their details, but these columns are missing on the rest of my teams baord view. They were visible and then disappeared. I have checked and there are no filters set on their end, yet these columns are missing.

Any ideas as to why this happened?

This is my users board.

Hi Jake,

You’ll have to make sure that absolutely everyone on that board has acces to all the boards that are linked with full permissions for those boards.

This was so complicated that I had to restart from scratch and pay real attention.

I’m hoping Monday is going to improve mirrors and viewing permissions, because right now for a director to view a High-level board that summarizes data from elsewhere, he has to be granted acces to every single sub-board (projects in our case) that is going to be mirrored.

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That solved the problem mate, thanks for that. Support also came back and it seemed that a duplicated board with no data in it was restricting the original board with all the data in from showing up. The duplicated board was set to private, which then restricted the inflo of data from the non-private board. Weird but yip, that happened. hope that makes sense.!
Ie, the duplicate board with no data was still connected and restricted the original board.

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 10.51.25 pm|690x391

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Hi Marc1,

But I would like to share selective information from my MASTER Board to a an offshore teams 1, 2 and 3.

So I would like to my teams 1, 2, and 3 be able to see the Mirrored Columns in their respective Boards, without having access to the MASTER Board.

This was working fine until 2 days ago, and now it is broken.

Has Monday changed this feature?
OR am i doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @hariseedhar .

I’m haven’t experienced any changes recently. You could check if you/someone has made changes to permissions or made one of the boards private.

Alternately for your use case, you might have a look at shareable views, based on the master board, that you can then use for your 3 teams. I think you can restrict which view gets to see what columns/filters.

Hello @Marc1,

I appreciate your feedback.

I can provide more specific details of my set up and some changes I recently made to board permissions if that can help to understand what may have gone wrong.

With regard to the alternative method of managing this through Shareable Views, it seems that will make the Board accessible on Web to anyone with the link. And more over MONDAY is saying a savvy user can still figure out the columns that they are not supposed to see.

unfortunately that’s too risky for our use case.

Thanks again!