Dashboard not showing all columns for users

We have a board ( Effort board )that is connected to 27 other boards and contains three mirror columns ( a person column and two number columns actual effort and estimated effort.)

All in all, very simple.

There are two issues at the moment:

  1. The chart is reporting incorrect data for users. It shows all rows int he table but when viewed in the chart the number differ ( no filters applied)
  2. When the same chart is recreated in a dashboard with just the effort board connected all looks fine for me ( an Admin ) but everyone else can only see a count columns they cant see the actual and estimated effort columns.

I am convinced it is to do with the 27 connected boards and the mirror columns but support just keep asking me the usual browser/filter questions,

Any idea.
Thanks in advance

Hey @RichardT,

Can you confirm that all users that have access to the dashboard, have access to the 27 connected boards? If they don’t, this would explain why they are only seeing specific columns or aspects of the data.

This article will help explain how permissions work with connected boards and mirrored columns → https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/4478931113618-Connect-Board-and-Mirror-Column-permissions-explained

Once you’ve had a look, please let me know if this isn’t the case and we can go from there :pray:

Hi Bianca

I finally tracked down the issue to what appears to be a corrupt column on one of the connected boards and I only noticed it because even through it was a numbers column it would not dhow a sum at the bottom, just a dash.

Creating a new numbers column solved the problem on the dashboard and all the data came to life.

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Nice work Richard - happy to hear you were able to resolve this! :slight_smile: