Trying to see a [Mirror Board] column in a Table Widget

Hello, Folks!

I have a Dashboard I’m trying to set up, and there’s a specific visibility I can’t seem to get to function as I am expecting.

I have different boards per project I’m working on, have items from those boards Mirroring into a “Master” project board, and am using that data in a Dashboard for overall program reporting.

With the “Table” widget, I can isolate which columns are visible for reporting purposes, but for some reason the [Mirror Board] column, which is visible in the Main tab, disappears from visibility in the Table widget of the Dashboard if I ever don’t have “All Columns” checked in the Table settings of the widget.

I hope that’s not too complex an explanation, but I would appreciate seeing how I can keep the [Mirror Column] of the Table widget from disappearing when I remove other columns from that Dashboard visibility.



Hi @jwarner!

Would you be happy to share how many boards are connected/mirroring into your Master board and the type of columns being mirrored? I have tested this on my end and been able to successfully view the mirrored data in the table widget, even without checking the all columns option so this sounds a little strange.

Can you please try duplicating the widget, and letting me know if this changes anything?

Hi, Bianca,

Thanks for the response. I have about 5 Boards connected to my Master board, with column types ranging from [Number] to [Board] to [Name] to [Timeline].

All of the 12 columns connected to the Dashboard Table Widget appear with “All Columns for this Board” is checked. But anytime that box is unticked, the [Board] mirrored column disappears if I Refresh the Page or switch views.

I’ve tried duplicating the Table widget and recreating the Table widget. The [Board] mirror data does appear in other widgets I’m using like progress bars, but just not in the Table widget.


Ah I see what you mean here - thank you for this information! I’ve followed up with the team internally about this as it seems this could be a bug :confused: I will circle back once I hear back! Thanks for your patience :+1:

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Hey @jwarner - just an update! It appears this does unfortunately look like buggy behaviour. Given I can reproduce this behaviour, I have lodged an inquiry with our technical team. I will keep you in the loop!