Mirror board to display subset of fields

Hello Monday community.

I have a small challenge and would be very grateful if anyone had any feedback.

I have a board A which contains leads and about 10 fields.

I am looking to create (Either board or dashboard, whichever makes sense), called board B, that mirrors 5 out of the 10 fields so that external users can see.

I had done the “connect” boards and “mirror” field widget however the rows are blank and also not seeming to work. Additionally do I need to add the same automations from board A into board b?

Any links or video walkthru to help me create a skinny version of a BOARD would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Hi. I think it’s a permission issue. When you try to share mirrored board data from board A, while users on board B don’t have permissions on.

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hi @prozaro

Can’t you create a view where you hide some of you columns and share that view with your external viewers?

Permission is at the Project or LIST level. I cant hide individual fields via this.

@basdebruin Yes, I did that, in addition to “collapsing columns”. It did the same thing (hide + collapse) back to the original board. Not good. I was hoping a simpler way to “slice n dice” a board to show a customized view. Filters do one layer but not at column/field level (Kanban)

hi @prozaro I understand, my question was more to use filtering / hiding and creating additional views to share with your viewers without the need to use mirror columns. If you need connected boards and mirror columns this might be a challenge.

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Hey @prozaro, like @basdebruin recommended, I would suggest hiding particular columns and then saving those columns to a particular view. From there, you can share that particular view with the hidden columns, and keep your main view as normal.

Here’s a video I made showing how: