Mirror Column different Access

When linking 2 boards using the Mirror Column, guest users need to have access to both boards in order to see the mirrored info. But if one of the boards (the main board) contains sensitive information, is there a way to only give our guest users access to the board with selected mirror columns without access to the main board?


Great question! We need this to

ABSOLUTELY agree Jirehly! I have similar concerns with sharing ALL boards to guest that I just want the high level board view with the info that I want them to see.

Hopefully, this is something the monday team can bring to use in the near future.

Hey everyone! @Laura @MKBontwikkeling @jirehly good question here!

Often times, what we see done here is the reverse of what you would think- this is done by putting all necessary info onto the Shareable board and then mirroring in that info onto the main board.

From there, you go through and add all other sensitive info and columns on the main board where the guest will not have access.

Does this make sense? Let me know if not, I can elaborate further!

Hi Brett,
Thanks for responding. Would you be able to create a Loom screen recording of how to do this? Because it doesn’t seem to work the way you described. The guest actually doesn’t see the entire board and not just the column that is linked.

Hey Brett,

I understand what you are describing as I use and am familiar with shareable boards. What I am hoping for is to invite a guest to a shared main board (or have access to a dashboard where independent boards can be viewed as a group) because in a situation where each guest is invited to a single independent work-board for inputting their own details, the overall group of guests should only see the combined and selected columns of the individual boards of each guest on a main shared board. Each person’s unique board at this time needs to be shared with the entire group for them to have view-ability to the main board if that main board is shared. In my use case presently, it is for interviewing candidates and rating them. The idea is to not see what each of the guests say in the details at this time, just to see how the candidates rate in a combined score from all the independent boards. Does that make sense?

Hello, just wanted to see if this is now an option, 'cause I am linking four different boards now into one for the sake of reporting and the person I am reporting to doesn’t have access to all of the boards I will mirror. Wouldn’t want to loose time if he won’t see the info in the end.

I have the same issue, only I found out after I had set it all up