Mirror Columns... Pulses

I need to find more information on how to use “Mirror Columns”. A “Mirrored Pulse” may be more appropriate. I’d like to set up individual boards based on an overall board. In other words, we have a giant Task Board that has everyone’s tasks on it. We call it “The Big Board” We Broadcast the Big Board to TV’s in each of the respective Team Members’ offices. I’d like to generate boards for each individual with only their tasks that they can look at on their PC, etc., with the “Big Board” still on the TV. I’d like it so if they change Status’s, etc. on either board it will be reflected on the other.

I know I can do something similar with “My Week”, but with my idea, everything will look exactly the same. Let me know if this can be done.


Could you just create a View for each person? It would be nice if they had a filter for Logged In User so you could create one view called Personal and it showed the data based on the logged in User but even without that you could create a specific view for each team member.


Hi Doug,
I would try something like this. Create your Big board, and then create individual boards. In each persons board, you need to link a column to the big board and think mirror columns like status. So you are linking from the persons board to the big board (and not the other way around like you would have probably assumed) This way you will have the information in both board. The only annoying part about this is that you will have to create the task twice. You will have the tasks of the pulse and then the task in the first mirror column. We set up something similar and it works really well for us. what do you think?