Link updates from a pulse to another

Hi! I have a question: is there a way to create some kind of clickable something that allows you to jump from a pulse to another?
I’m think especially about mirrored columns across boards, as a way to workaround the ominous “non mirrorable updates” issue.
Say I am looking at a mirrored pulse in a board and I want to jump-access the original one that lives in another board, is there a way I can do that quickly and possibly easily?
This way a manager can quickly jump across different low-level boards and leave the updates in the right ones.

Hi @edoaber I see 2 ways to accomplish this, both with their cons and pros.

  1. The link column point to a connect_board column. If you click on the cell in the connect_boards column the popup shows connected items and at the far right side of the items listed there is a double headed arrow which will bring you to the item view when clicked. CON: two clicks, PRO: no additional setup or column needed
  2. Add a link column to the board where the mirror lives. Open the original item in the original board and copy the addres bar in your clipboard. Go back to the board where you added the link and past the full address in the link. CON: need additional column and maintain the relationship, PRO: one click needed,.

Hi @basdebruin thank you for the quick reply!
Unfortunately I don’t think what you suggest can work for me.

  1. The problem here is that I have a master board that mirrors the columns of each item toward different external boards, not just one. Assuming I manage to make this work, since each link boards column talks with only one board at a time, I would need a different link boards column for each external board I have.

  2. This would be more like it, but it is too much work every time someone create a task. Isn’t there a way to automate this?

hi @edoaber, understood. I don’t think there is a standard automation to do that but you can always fallback to Integromat. Curious to know how you see the relation between the master board and a number of detail boards. Is every row in your Master related to a detail boards? If that is the case you might want to checkout Apps Marketplace which is an app that creates and connect detail boards out of templates and aggregates the data of all detail boards in one view.

@basdebruin thanks for the help and for the link. Regarding the latter, I am actually trying to find a workflow that doesn’t require the aid of other tools, especially if those tools are an extra cost.

Regarding your question:
Each new board is created from a template that has a column that shows just the code of the board (code that I assign). Let’s call it column A.
Every time a new item is created inside the new board you must remember to add the code of the board (it is a label, may be a tag) in column A.
The template has an automation that goes (I quote by heart, maybe is not exactly so) "every time a new item is created, create a new item in master board called (“value in column A”+“name of the item”).
This way, when I cmd+F the board code in my master board I only see the tasks related to that new board I created.