"Linked to" column

I’ve an idea to add a super useful column - that would behave like a Link to pulse, but in reverse - so after adding this column, and selecting boards, it would automatically show all pulses that have this item linked. Next step would be adding mirror column compatibility.

Example: We have table with clients, so there could be all pulses (work) done for this client, and financial info from all that pulses in mirror column *

Hey @KamilMark

I think the link to multiple items functionality would solve the first part of your request. Let me know if not?

The second part is interesting for the mirror column, and we’ll pass this along to our product team for consideration!

Thanks so much!

Hi Julia,
not really. Link to multiple items is also great, but I mean different functionality.

Example: We have 2 boards, CRM board, and Production board.
In CRM we have linked pulses from production, and managers creates tasks for production through link field.

On the other hand, in Production board, we need some details from CRM board pulse, so we need to link back main task from CRM board there, and we have to search for it to link (there are multiple pulses with similar name, we identify them by unique ID, not name, so its hard to find the right one)

With “Linked to” column, it would automatically link back to CRM task just after creating task in production through CRM board in linked pulse.