Two-way connection in connect boards column

Hi all,

I wanted to share an idea I have been thinking about a while now. Many time working with the Link To Item (LTI) column I find myself wanting this new feature:

The Two-way linked Link To Column(s). Whenever I link an issue (pulse) via the LTI in one board, it should be connected vice versa from the other board via a LTI column.

So when I create a board (in our case a User Story board) I would love to divide the User Stories into subtasks. Creating a LTI column and select the subtask board (in our case the Backlog board) I could directly create my subtasks from the User Story board into my Backlog board, Being the subtasks straight away connected to the right User Story.

Hope this makes sense!


HI @Eltjo! We’ve gotten this feedback actually from other users as well and have passed this to our team to consider implementing - stay tuned on this one! Cheers!


YES! This is something that is much needed!


Hi @lauralev , happy to hear that it is taken in consideration! When the beta is released please let me know, i am happy to test and provide feedback. All the best, Eltjo



Hi Laura!

Any updates on this one? Would be awesome, thanks.


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Hey there! Just to clarify, are you looking for the ability to link an item to a subitem via the link to item column? We do have subitems available now, just incase you did not activate them yet!

In terms of linking, this should be coming somewhat soon! You can learn more about the progress we are making and stay up to date here!

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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Thanks for reaching out. I did activate subtasks on my account and we are starting to use them on a more regular base. We like subtasks, but the subtasks have little to do with my request.
The Two-way connecting Link To Column(s), as I imagine it, shows the connection on both boards. Whenever I link an issue (pulse) via the LTI in one board, it should be shown as a connected item on the other board via a LTI column.
This way people can see how many items are liked on both of the boards via the LTI column.

Cheers, Eltjo

11 Likes we desperately need this feature too!


I think this is what I’m after too.

I have automation that creates a linked item in another board when an item’s status is changed to “Docs”. I thought that it would link them to each other, but it only seems to be one way (the new item is linked to the old item but not vice versa).

Am I doing something wrong or is this intended behaviour?

At the moment the link to item column is a one way connection. We are discussing the advantages of having a two way connection.

For me The two way connection would work because I could break down an issue on a board into tasks on another board, knowing they are connected.
What is the purpose of the two way connection for your setup ?

Plz vote on this topic on the top of this item. Is monitoring these votes


Just to have them connected for easy reference really. I’ve just set up a ‘Testing’ board for testing new software features etc, and then, once tested, the automation creates a new task in the ‘Documentation’ board.

Just thought it’d be nice to be able to easily find the related test so that we can change the status / check the notes etc…


This is a big missing feature for us in this product. Considering jumping to something like JIRA or Airtable so that we don’t have to link items manually both ways. Introduces a lot of potential for human error which causes bottlenecks and product mistakes. I didn’t think this would be as much of a problem, but is turning into a major pain point that other products solve well.

If we have a “user story” we are working on with a board that is managing those stories and their statuses, it’d be useful for our product managers to see the status of the developers working on the related tasks. Vice vera is also useful. The developers need the specs for their task and linking to the user story provides this information. In order to give them both what they want, you have to create the link from both ends.

It really isn’t as much an issue about the manual work to link them but that it introduces significant opportunities for human error in the linking process.

Subtasks do not work for this. Each group needs to be able to manage their own board independently.


Exactly that ^^

Plz vote for this issue and hopefully Monday sees the need within the community


The potential for this feature is huge. We use both Monday and Airtable, and AirTable supports this well. By doing this you can have multiple boards that properly sync data amongst themselves.

For us Airtable manages our stock. We have 3 sheets, Products, Incoming, and Outgoing. Each page is linked to one before. This gives me full overview based on where I am. From Products I see all orders for that product, but from Outgoing, I have information about the order.

Monday for us handles our purchasing approval process. It would be nice to tie the purchases to their final destination, the customer.


Hi guys, Just my 10 cents, I use integromat and i have it doing some fairly amazing things especially things like, update a status on board board and it till update another status on another board with a common piece of data. I even have automation working sensational with sub items as well.
I used zapier its good but i feel integromat while it misses some key basic features, it works far better and has Monday APIv2. just my 10 cents

We need this two-way feature as well.

We have a TON of tasks at an “Intake Board” (handled by an admin), which then would ideally subdivide into Owner Boards according to Owner.

The Owners do not like using Groups, sorting, or filters to find their projects - too unwieldy. But that’s what we are doing now. People are not happy.

We could force them to use Groups (each group would be an Owner), but – that doesn’t work either. Our Intake Board must be sort-able by file number (and Groups don’t allow that).

The Owner’s changes to their own board should “reflect up” to the Intake Board, and the Intake Board needs to “flow down” to the Owner’s board. Also, the Owner doesn’t need the full set of columns in their board as is in the Intake Board, and vice versa - the Owner needs some columns that do not need to be reported on the Intake Board.

Without the two-way feature, the group is starting to consider my judgement in thinking that was a good choice. Please fix this ASAP before my crew jumps ship.

Help! Happy to talk about our use.


+1 !!!

It would be super handy for my Asset management boards

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+1 as we need this feature too. Please implement!

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We have a dire need for this too! Good post!