Shared or mirrored updates for connected items

Feature proposal (2 options):

  1. A shared update section that replaces the 2 separate update sections when an item is connected. This would fix all of the below mentioned problems and probably more.

  2. A shared or mirrored update column. This is less clean since you would still have separate update sections in each board and an extra column for each connected board you want to share/mirror updates with. But it would be easy to notice new updates and keep communication about that connected item in one spot.

Our case:

We have several overview-boards for different departments where items are created and follow different processes with different steps between different departments. Here items get created and through automation another item in another board, with a different to-do-list if you will, gets created and connected and mirrored in the overview-board.

Problems with updates:

First of all if the item created in the overview board has an update it doesn’t show that update in the update section in the created item on the other to-do-boards. So if an employee writes an update the employees that use the other board won’t know about it. For this we use a text column as a work around for the initial item creation, but now we also have to use that text column in the overview board… So we use 3 forms of messaging in 2 boards for what is essentially the same connected item: a text column, 2 separate update sections.

Secondly: If an employee in the overview board wants to update that item and make sure the employees that manage the other board read it too, that employee has to write the comment twice in both update-sections of what is essentially the same connected item. Just mentioning an employee or item in one update is not a work around because you have to first manually copy the name and explain all employees how it works. And on some boards the connected items dont have the same name either so you would have to look up the name first. We might as well copy the update then, which is just as inefficient and messy.

Wholeheartedly agree with this proposal. We have a similar situation where an overview board is a temporary record connected back to a clients permanent record. I would like any updates to remain with the permanent record even after the overview item is deleted.

Currently, we have to make users go back to the permanent record to add updates, although Lucas, your suggestion of a text column is a good workaround in the meantime. Thanks for that.


I also encounter the same issue. I have a main board and my team’s board. I have connected the boards mirroring all columns of main board. But i cant mirror “updates”. I have to add updates to the projects on both places separately although both boards are connected.

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