Mirrored items have to many problems (no updates, no subitems, no sorting, no automations, and more). Need different approach

The way mirrors currently work gives a lot of problems. This is because you can only mirror a COLUMN (and connect that column to an item), instead of mirroring an entire ITEM.

This gives the following limitations:

There are a lot of workarounds (some pretty, some less pretty, some unworkable) and 3rd party tools (paid). To me the mentioned problems feel like basic features a CRM or Project management software should have.

We need to be able to create an item with a unique name (or tag). Copies of this item should still have the same unique information (including “updates” and subitems) and be able to be viewed and edited form other boards. This also makes it possible to automate them in workflows in other boards.

Hi @MauritsNWC Did you try the VLOOKUP app to overcome all of the issues you listed of Mirrored Items?

Hi JP. This application could solve some of the issues. Will look further into this. Thanks for providing the info.

Will consider it as another (paid) workaround :). Do hope Monday will come with a proper fix soon!

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I second this. We’re paying over £250/month worth of 3P apps in order to overcome this fundamental limitation, on top of paying the monthly Monday fees. I understand that fixing this would probably cut the market for 3P app providers, but this can’t be the reason for current lack of functionality against the mirrored columns.

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