Double Mirror or Two-Way Board Link Columnmi

Right now we have to individually link pulses and columns from board to board - takes like 3-4 clicks and searching/matching pulses - majorly inefficient and allows for mistakes…

Is there a way we can create a two-way link so pulses can easily be navigated between each other from board to board?

This would be tremendously useful for us as a company that fulfilling fragmented microservices for a projects. For example, a package service on our “ORDER MANAGEMENT” might have photo editing and video editing as a service and require an associated pulse on “PHOTO EDITING” or “VIDEO EDITING” boards."

See how much effort it takes to create a mirror link? There should be a better way

+1 On this.
Beside this, we need to add to this request the next features:

  • Full support for every type of column on the mirroring process (today not all are supported).
  • Full support to see and change mirrored values from android app.
  • Full support on many boards linked for roll up feature.
  • Feature requested to link manually groups and boards (not each single pulse only)

Hi @brendanhsu,

Great suggestion and good news: Monday is already taken your feature request in consideration. See the comment of @lauralev in the similar request/suggestion Two-way linked with 'Link To Item' column (potential subtask solution)

I really hope this feature will be implemented soon. This will be a big timesaver and process enhancer.