Column: Link to *any* pulse (not board-specific)

Guys, I continue to be frustrated by the fact that when it comes to linking to other areas of the dashboard, I have two very limiting choices:

  1. Link to any pulse on one designated board
  2. Link to any URL

The problem with the latter is two-fold:
a. I prefer using the stand-alone app, and these links open my default web browser (I’ve already complained about this behavior)
b. Finding, copying, returning, and pasting the destination link is a hassle relative to using a search UI to locate a pulse

The problem with the former is… why are you confining the column to just a single board? I could see wanting to have such a feature, but it baffles me that you have made it the only option. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems like there could be a “Link to Anything” column where the steps would be:

  1. Click empty column cell
  2. Locate board manually or start typing in search (results include boards, groups and pulses in a sectioned list, or perhaps category buttons would appear organically)
  3. Click the desired pulse (or even a group/board? Why limit this choice?)

Done! Now I have super-quick, easily established access to anything in our entire installation via a simple shortcut. I truly don’t understand why this doesn’t already exist in Monday.

I support this request! Linking to any pulse on any board would be a great and time saving feature.

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