Native app opens links natively (not in a browser window)

Guys, can we please have the native apps open Monday links (to boards, pulses, etc.) open inside themselves instead of sending those links to the default web browser? I mainly use the former and work and don’t want to have two Monday instances open because the app isn’t smart enough to know that it is the appropriate destination for such links. Thanks!

Hey Whitfield, are you referring to the Desktop App or the mobile app?

I just tested this in both of them and was not able to reproduce this behaviour so I wanted to make sure you had the most updated version installed of whichever one was causing this issue.

Let me know!

Hey Becca,

This is the desktop app (MacOS). My perception is that it “updates” whenever it’s opened because it’s essentially a self-contained web browser, but correct me if there’s some way that I should be proactively updating that.

In any case, when we have a Link column on any board and a given link is to another Board/Group in Monday, clicking it always opens my default web browser to that Monday area.

Hey @Whitfield,

I had originally tested it from the updates section and was unable to reproduce, however, from the link column you are correct that it opens in a new tab. I think that is how the default was set on the browser and it wasn’t altered for the Desktop app. I’ll be sure to report this to our team to be resolved.

In terms of the Desktop App, it actually does not update automatically but we do usually put a banner at the top of the App whenever there is an update so that you can update the app when large changes have been made. It will be synced with the web browser for all features, however, if there is something specific to the Desktop App that is not occurring in the web browser it often needs its own version update :slight_smile:

Let me know if there’s anything else we can do for you,


I’ll be damned - turns out I wasn’t using the current version! I got curious and looked at the app’s version number, then happened to discover that it’s on the Mac App Store, where it was a few ticks higher. Glad to see they’ve corrected the white screen issue when waking/changing monitors, that was annoying. Anyway, hopefully the link target issue will get resolved soon as well, thanks. :slight_smile:

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