Deep Linking to inside the app

I love using! Me and my team use it heavily all day, every day. With our heavy use, we also primarily use the app version on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. We also have integrations with Slack, to notify of any changes to pulse statuses.

However, these Slack notifications have limited usefulness (also applies to e-mail notifications). Since the link inside the app is in the format “”, it directs us to the web version of, not the downloaded desktop App.

It would be an incredible help to my team to be able to click on the links, or any links we generate from Pulse -> “Copy Item Link”, and go straight to the pulse within our app, not the website.

Thank you for the consideration!

I massively second this. I’m helping a company get all their team onto Monday so they can move away from messy paper based systems. Most of the team really don’t need to know much about Monday they just need to be able to see a subset of info and make small changes. Currently the UI is overly complicated for them.

Deep links would really help to bring team members right to the board / group / item / sub-item that they need to see or edit without having to navigate too much of the interface, filter, search etc.