Link to board URL

I use the desktop app, and one thing that drives me crazy is the inability to copy and share a simple link to any board.

I often want to include a board link in a comment, slack message, email, or link column on another board. Technically, you can find the board URL through item URLs, but it’s super cumbersome. It should be easy to “copy board link” straight from the “…” dropdown.

Hey @Wesley - I too have struggled with this when you want the URL you actually have to navigate to the board to get it. What we do for most projects is actually create a board of URLs for every object we create (board, dashboard, doc, etc) which works as an easy reference point to get this information. You can then utilize these in connected columns if need be.

It’s certainly not a solution but it’s something I thought I would share.


I really think there should be a dedicated column option called Board Link or something similar. Similar format as the Link column but its just provides a ‘local’ board search. It would speed up internal internal navigation a lot. I’m on the desktop app on Mac and I see no way to find the URL of a board on it?

This is very frustrating. I have to viti to find the link to a board. Just put a link in the three-dot-menu, please.

I was about to make my own feature feedback post on this, but instead found 3 or 4 different posts on the same topic. This one had the most votes, so I went ahead and added one more.

It’s the little things, and this would be a great addition to the desktop app!