How to find the Board/Item URL from the Desktop App

When I want to tell my team where to look for something in Monday, it’s cumbersome to write out XYZ Workspace > XYZ Folder > XYZ Board all the time. Is there an option to create and copy a URL for a board or a folder? Much the way you can share a folder in Google drive or

Every board and individual pulse has its own unique URL. But not the sub-items.


Yes as @JPinBe mentioned, each board has a unique URL. If you are sharing with a team who also has access to the same Monday account, the it’s as simple as linking the URL you see on your browser. Folders do not, but as long as the user has access to the board in question, the URL should take them directly to it.

Does this help?

Ah! The thing is - I use the desktop app. Is there a way to do it from there? I’m finding some functionality (like uploading files) is limited in the app, but it really helps me to not have yet another tab open in my browser.

And if you send the person an update with the url attached? Presuming they are a board member they should have direct access via the url link.

Out of curiosity, any reason why? Just interested to know who uses the apps and why.

I will ALWAYS use a desktop app over a browser tab :slight_smile: I’m working from a million tabs open, and the ability to just hit command+tab to switch back and forth between my internet browser and is way faster (and for some reason psychologically easier) than trying to click back into a tiny tab. And I like being able to minimize it when I’m not using it actively but still have notifications pop up.

Fair enough. I’m the opposite. I’ll always use a browser-based Cloud app over a desktop app :grinning: I work with 3 monitors and I keep on its own screen away from general browsing.

It’s great that both options are available. Hope you get an answer to your question.


I almost asked if you were using the Desktop app. I used it once but didn’t like it as much as the browser. I can’t find online where you can determine another way to get a board ID(other than using the API). This could be another limitation to the desktop app.

Does everyone in your organization use the app, or is it a mix? I ask because if everyone is on the App, sending them the URL link might not open the board on the app anyways. Maybe Talia from the Monday team can jump in and help further.

@colleencass thanks for sharing this! You can get the link to any item on the desktop app by opening the updates section and selecting the three dots to “Copy item link”

If you remove the item ID from the URL, that’s your board URL as well! It’s a bit more cumbersome than on the browser, but I hope this will be helpful

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