Link a pulse to another board's group of pulses

As a user, in order to work with high-level project boards and detailed task boards, we need to link the two somehow. Currently, we can only link a pulse to another specific pulse. We would need link to a group of pulses instead. Is this feasible ? We can always use the external link column but that seems counter productive as it would link to the whole board, not a specific group of pulses. The only workaround here would be to break down all board groups in to individual boards; this in itself would be a nightmare when considering the single level folder stucture; we would end up with hundreds of boards |


link to pulse´s!!! column!!!
capability to link many pulses to a pulse!!

+1 on this one

What I would love to be able to do is display the Summary of status columns of specific element groups from Project Board A, B and C into the high level board D.

Hey @FredBrosseau

Would the battery widget in the dashboard not help with this?

Hello Julia.

I have experimented with the battery widget before but I will give it a second, more thorough, look.

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This is exactly what I would need!

This has now been released into Beta (linking to many items).

Are you interested in testing this?


Bring it to me!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

how i can test this!

I can´t see this in monday.labs. Im really interested in this!!

Interested in ALL beta testing :slightly_smiling_face:
Please advise !