Link a pulse to another board's group of pulses

As a user, in order to work with high-level project boards and detailed task boards, we need to link the two somehow. Currently, we can only link a pulse to another specific pulse. We would need link to a group of pulses instead. Is this feasible ? We can always use the external link column but that seems counter productive as it would link to the whole board, not a specific group of pulses. The only workaround here would be to break down all board groups in to individual boards; this in itself would be a nightmare when considering the single level folder stucture; we would end up with hundreds of boards |


link to pulse´s!!! column!!!
capability to link many pulses to a pulse!!

+1 on this one

What I would love to be able to do is display the Summary of status columns of specific element groups from Project Board A, B and C into the high level board D.

Hey @FredBrosseau

Would the battery widget in the dashboard not help with this?

Hello Julia.

I have experimented with the battery widget before but I will give it a second, more thorough, look.

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This is exactly what I would need!

This has now been released into Beta (linking to many items).

Are you interested in testing this?


Bring it to me!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

how i can test this!

I can´t see this in monday.labs. Im really interested in this!!

Interested in ALL beta testing :slightly_smiling_face:
Please advise !

I am interested in this. Is it still in beta?


How can i acheive this with monday ? linking different items from other boards to a single board ?
thanks in advanced

Is there a way that once one can copy a pulse with all its updates that further updates that are posted on both the original and the copied pulse will reflect on both pulses (ie the original and the copy?)

Hi @Danny (as original poster :slight_smile:)

If you are saying link one pulse (item nowadays :slight_smile:) to another boars’s group of pulses what do you want to see on the single pulse? Is that just a link to the other board or are you looking for reporting like capabilities (like % of Completion over a set of pulses). If you are looking for this kind of in-board reporting you might find this app feature very interesting (Report Status to Main) . It does take all statuses in a group of another (detailed board) and reports the % of status (e.g. Done) to the master board. See also: Monday app with automations released - #4 by basdebruin


Julia, how can we participate in this beta? sign me in :wink:

Hi ! I know this is an old post, so I was wondering where you were in the development ? If this is not released yet but still in testing, I’d like to test it ! Thanks

Hey @Pauline thanks for checking! You can actually link a group of items to one specific item on another board, but it has to be manually selected via the checkbox and cannot be configured as the entire group!

maybe I’m missing something, but… I still couldn’t find a way to get the link to the group inside the board (simply if I want to send it via Whatsapp, some other way…). Similar to “Get Item Link” for the pulse. Any recommendations?

I also need this feature. I need to link a pulse (item) in one board to a group in another board.

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