Mirror Column - I'm lost

Hi guys,
I’m not sure what I’m missing but I’m really having trouble understanding how to correctly use the connect boards and mirror columns.

I’ll describe the scenario I’m trying to use them:

I run a domestic building company and I populate a schedule board for every job with categories to broadly describe the works, items for particular tasks, and subitems for the individual steps within that task.
I also use a personal schedule board which I track my own appointments, to-do lists, and other non job-specific work.

In one of my job schedule boards, a particular task (item) such as “prepare ground floor frame for inspection” might have 15 steps (subitems).

I would ideally like to have item in my personal planner showing the current task. This would involve being able to see, edit, and mark as complete the various subitems of a task from another board.

I’m sure there’s a simple explanation for it but I cannot work it out. Can anyone shed any light?


Hey @NorthernBuilding,

Thanks for your question!

Based on your current set up, it sounds like you might need to follow these steps below to connect the subitems in your Work Schedule board to your Personal Schedule board.

  1. In the subitems of your work schedule board, please set up a connect boards column and select a 2 way sync. This will automatically set up a connection in your personal schedule board.

  2. Once you’ve set up this, navigate to your personal schedule board, and click into the settings of the connect boards column. Select add mirror column and add the necessary columns you’d like mirrored from your work schedule board. You can add multiple connected (sub)items in the one column to accomodate for individual tasks in your subitems.

Once the connection, and mirror column is set up, you should then be able to make changes and edits directly from the mirror column.

Please let me know if this helps! :smile: