Select connected boards & mirror columns limited to the user's permissions

Hi !

I have a high level board to track the workload of my team.
My team is working on different projects, so the members have access to the boards they need.
In my high level board, I have created a Group for each person, and the Items are the week numbers.
I then have Subitems for each week, for the tasks I want them to complete.
The tasks come from various connected boards which I’m owner/member.

I have a limitation due to the permissions.
My team can’t use the board to see what task (mirror column) they need to complete during the week unless they’re subscribers of ALL boards.
I can understand that the creator of the high level board (me) can only select the boards he’s a member of. And that a non member of the connected board is not allowed to see the columns (connected board, mirror colums).

But why the view is blank to my colleagues ?
Can’t they just be able to see the connected board and mirror columns they have permissions for ?

This would be more manageable, because flexible, and the permissions would be respected (you can see only what you’re allowed to).

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: