Link column for a private board to a shareable board

I am very new to this forum so please excuse my ignorance but I have a question about a linked column between private and shareable boards. Our company wants to keep our schedule private, however we share the budget with our customer. So we have a column that just is supposed to link the status of each item. We want them to know if it’s something being worked on or completed etc, but it’s a big headache to give them free reign of the schedule because it’s forever changing. Here’s the problem: They can see the status column but its showing that column to be empty??? I do not understand why or how to fix it.

If you link to a private board (or even a shareable board that user is not subscribed to). Guests without access to that private board will not be able to see it. It sucks, but basically if you want to share data between boards using the links and mirror column. Users must be subscribed to both boards.

Is there an extra step I can take, like syncing a new column in the shareable board?

What you might be able to do instead is use the Column Restrictions settings.
Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 1.56.33 PM

You can set it only as one or the other. Either restrict column edit or Restrict column view.

  • Restrict column edit: Only people you specify can edit this column, for everyone else they can view the data in the column but can’t edit it.
  • Restrict column view: Only people you specify can view this column, for everyone else the entire column will not be visible on their board.

How this applies to your use case. If your schedule is listed as a date column and your budget is another column. You could restrict column view of the schedule column so that your customer has access to the same board you are looking at but will only be able to see the budget column and never the schedule column.