Mirror Items showing Error

Creating some mirror columns and no one in my organization can not view it. it shows Error for everyone

This might be due to restrictions. If you mirror columns from boards that someone has no access to he or she will receive an error.

Nope… Everyone has access

I’d make sure all the boards types are set to “main” and check again (after refreshing the pages).

But i Need to have guests on some of those boards

Hey @Guylhv :wave:

Thanks for your question.
You can use shared boards with mirror columns as long as users have access to both the original data and the board that is using the mirror column. If users do not have access to where the data originates from, they will not see this information in the mirror column.

If it is the case that users have access to both boards and are still not seeing the data in the mirror column, we’d love our support team to take a closer look into this. Could you reach out to support@monday.com with a screenshot of both boards?
They can then continue to assist.