Trying Managing Projects with different Boards connected to a Main Board

Hello Monday Community :slight_smile:

We are quite new to Monday and we are trying to get rid of our old excel epreedsheet for managing Projects but we came across some issuses and I hope I can find help here.

We have a couple of Boards with different Columns. The Groups at the Boards are representing the Projects:

Board A: Project Main Information; Group 1-100 (each Number is a Project)
Board B: Site Information, Group 1-100 (each Number is a Project)
Board C: Planing tasks, Group 1-100 (each Number is a Project)
and so on…

Now I am trying to build a MasterBoard, where each line represent a Project and the columns are getting the data from specific columns of the different other boards but I miss the possibility to link the projects from different boards together…
I would need some kind of ID, so that the MasterBoards knows where to look for the Data.

Is that possible? How can I connect the different boards together?

Thank you all for helping!

hi @FlorianASG

Welcome to the community!

This is not the easiest task but it can be done with the Rollup Multiple Boards app (see A full instruction video can be found here RMB and RSI video.mp4 on Vimeo

In the use case you subscribe you need to make a few changes to fir the Rollup Multiple Boards app to your use case.

  • by default the app aggregates data into the master board and uses all items in the project board (it assumes one board per project)
  • as you have several board per project you can use filtering. With the help of the filter (a dropdown column) you can filter the results to those items that has the specified dropdown value. There is a little helper app that set the groupname (which you use to differentiate between the projects) as a dropdown value. Setting the dropdown value to the groupname can be automated (item created, item moved to group, etc)
  • in your master board you can duplicate an item that is connected to your project board and the duplicated item is still connected to the project board, you just have to specify a new filter value for that item
  • as you project information (for each project) is spread out to three different boards, you might want to connect all three boards to the same item in your masterboard

Happy to help you setting this up as this looks like a very unique use case for this app.

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