How can I report on specific task items across 75+ project boards?

We have 75+ projects, one board for each project. Each project board has 7 groups, each group with task items with 2-3 trigger items to move the project into the next stage.
Is there a way (other than a cumbersome dashboard) to create a master high-level board or other reporting that would show these trigger items, their due dates, time remaining, and send notifications?

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hi @Beesbythesea

Welcome to the community. This app aggregates data from lower level (project) boards to a high level board where each item in the high level board represents a project. Although it creates those low level project boards from a template you can also add existing project boards to it (when the project boards are build from the same template). There is a full instruction video here: RMB and RSI video.mp4 on Vimeo

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How can I utilize this with existing boards? I don’t want it to create new boards from templates. I’m looking for data in existing boards to roll up to a master board.

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If I’m understanding your workflow well enough, it probably makes the most sense to use the “when an item is created in this board, create an item in board and connect boards with column”:


Basically, your items would be “duplicated” but you could choose what columns you want to see from the project boards using mirror columns.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out here or at!

hi @Beesbythesea

The Rollup Multiple Boards app support importing low-level board assuming those all have the same column structure (for the columns you want to report on).

The app does not use the monday mirror columns as those mirrors columns has some drawbacks (like the mirrored value can be used in other automations easily).

Understood. All of the existing boards are built from the same template. I just can’t figure out how to add those into a RMB Master Board.

Bottom of page 6

In short:

  • create a template from one of your project boards (more actions > create template)

  • open the template and add [RMB] in its description (see page 3 of the pdf)

  • create the integration:
    this requires a dedicated status column and a link column on your master board

  • Use the integration to add items and link to existing boards

I think I’m still confused. I don’t want to create more boards. I just want data from the lower-level board to feed into the master board.

would mirroring them work?

You don’t need to add new boards (maybe you want in the future when there is a new project), but you need that step in order to import existing boards in the RMB app.

No, we have too many projects and columns and quickly meet the threshold for the connect boards and mirroring.

I think this just may be beyond my developer capabilities. I really can’t figure this out. :smiley:

always available for a video call if you want