Dashboard with group status

Hi All,

I’m new to the community and Monday but I have been tasked with setting things up for our rapidly growing start up. I’m at a roadblock and need some advice on how to proceed.

We have multiple (25+) projects (boards) within a folder within a single workspace; with two critical groups on each board that I need my team lead to see for ALL active projects.

I have tried to create a Dashboard with Overview widget which requires me to manually select each board I would like to show. Then creates generic “status” for each of those rather than being able to reflecting actual status of specific items in that group (I specifically need to show Due Date of one group and Status of another but sub items that reflect 25%, 50% 75% done are extremely important).

I’m sure there is new guy user error but I have watched just about every YouTube and forum post but can’t seem to figure it out.

Any guidance would be very much appreciated as this is mission critical to us at the moment.


As a follow up would it be better to create a Master Board within the folder and Mirror all the groups from all individual sub boards??? Just thinking through options

hi @ywoitscheck

Welcome to the community! A good place to share experiences. It is kind of difficult to answer as each approach has its own pros and cons.

Dashboards are great but you have to select each board manually (as you mentioned) and you are limited to the amount of boards (max 10 for a pro account). So, with 25+ project boards it depends on you account type if dashboards are a valid option.

A Master Board approach (with optionally a dashboard on that Master) can work perfectly fine. However, mirror columns do have their own pros and cons. One of the issues with a mirror column is that the mirror column can’t (in most cases) be used for other automations.

It also depends if your team lead needs to see individual items from your project boards or a consolidated / aggregated version. The Rollup Multiple Boards app works great if you want to have one item in your Master board that represents a Project Board, so in this case the Master board would contain 25 items. It can consolidate numbers (avg, min, max etc), people, statuses (eg. % Done, %Stuck) and also can set RAG (Red Amber Green) statuses based on the %Done. Like 25%Done is Red, 50%Done is Amber and 75%Done is Green. This app can also filter which items in each and every Project board are taken into consideration. That is done by a dropdown column or (with a little helper recipe that set a dropdown to a group name) by group.

I fully understand this is not a “you need to do this” answer. Happy to work with you to find out the exact requirements you have. I do see you use the terminology “subitems” and that is another part of the equation.

This would work! There is a 20 Board connection limit with Connect boards columns though.