Put boards in groups and include all bords within a group in a dashboard

I cant seem to figure out how to manage resources tagged in different boards (projects) without manually updating wich boards that are included in a dashboard/overview.

When creating dashboards i must manually include each end every board i want to data from in the dashboard. When creating a new board (project) one should be able to automatically get data from that board included in a dashboard.

One should be able to put multiple boards into groups in order to include all boards within this group in dashboards to get an total overview.

Is there someone out there who already has a solution to this? Would be much appreciated

At this point i feel that using monday.com makes us vulnerable when managing resources.

We have the same issue. It would be great if you could dashboard based on all boards in a specific workspace or folder.

I’ve worked quite a bit with support and it doesn’t sound like the ability to do this kind of automated dashboarding exists.

I sent monday.com an email and they provided me with nothing concrete.
I must say that I am rather disappointed regarding the feedback as this should be a very quick-fix.

Managing resources is ofc a key part of how we run things and we can not use monday.com for this purpose.

I am currently looking into other project-mgmt tools that solves this in a better way. We run every project we have going in monday.com but i am not sure of how long we will continue to do so as there are plenty of options…