Dashboard - automatically add all Boards within a Workspace

I need to create dashboards for workload management, and to give us a snapshot view of all active projects. But boards are constantly being created and archived, so it’s not realistic to manually update the dashboard with the latest boards. I need all boards within a workspace to automatically be included in a dashboard, and for the dashboard to update automatically as boards change. Without this functionality, the dashboards require too much manual management to be useful.

I am facing a similar issue. It would be nice to either automate the addition of a board to a dashboard, or to just include all the boards in a workspace.

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I could see many use cases for something like this! Has my vote.

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I agree - this would be extremely helpful as the dashboard becomes redundant unless being scrubbed for inclusion of newly added boards.

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I also think this feature would be helpful. Many of my colleagues ask if it’s possible to add boards automatically.

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Yes. This feature seems like one everyone would need if you are going to manage a group of projects and team members. Can we get this ASAP?

Really great idea - my team would love to see this to help manage operations across multiple boards.

Is there an update on the timeline for this feature Monday team? :slight_smile: This would be a great feature for us too.

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Ya my agency is looking to add a project mgmt software and this was one of the first things I tried to setup.

This would be incredibly helpful feature…voted!

100000% has my vote! Painful connecting every signal board.

So disappointed, the dashboards are one of the main reasons we went with Monday and they are basically useless unless you can automate the addition of boards. And why would it be restricted to 25 boards??? You are essentially restricting yourself to corporations that run less then 25 projects!!!

I 100% agree that this feature could be very useful.
I have several ideas where this could be beneficial:

1.) When an item is created then create a board from template and connect this board to a certain dashboard

2.) When a new board is created in this group, connect this board to a certain dashboard

Something like that would be great :slight_smile: Looking forward to further developments!

Jesuena Estoque Reimer
CEO | Senior Monday.com Consultant

This is an interesting suggestion you bring up! The only roadblock here is that each plan has a specific amount of boards supported per dashboard, so automatically adding all boards within a workspace would be depended on the plan and how many boards actually sit in the workspace. Alternatively, would you be interested in the process to add boards (from workspaces) be better formatted, so that you are able to bulk add a specific amount of boards to the one dashboard?

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The best option is not to have to remember to connect boards to all dashboards. Not having the correct data present on various dashboards leads to teams and managers not being on the same page. With the standard plan, you get unlimited boards so I am not sure what you mean various plans only allow for so many boards?

Apologies for causing any confusion @Somnio! Whilst an unlimited amount of boards is supported in each plan, in terms of dashboards, a different amount of boards per dashboard is supported.

  • Basic is able to add 1 board to a dashboard
  • Standard is able to add 5 boards to a dashboard
  • Pro is able to add 20 boards to a dashboard
  • Enterprise is able to add 50 boards to a dashboard

Let me know if this makes sense!

Hi @BiancaT , Is the limit for boards per dashboard 10 or 20 for the pro plan? You said 20 here, but on the pricing feature list it says 10.

Can you post a screenshot on how to automate this with a templated project plan board please?

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