Dashboard - automatically add all Boards within a Workspace

I need to create dashboards for workload management, and to give us a snapshot view of all active projects. But boards are constantly being created and archived, so it’s not realistic to manually update the dashboard with the latest boards. I need all boards within a workspace to automatically be included in a dashboard, and for the dashboard to update automatically as boards change. Without this functionality, the dashboards require too much manual management to be useful.

I am facing a similar issue. It would be nice to either automate the addition of a board to a dashboard, or to just include all the boards in a workspace.

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I could see many use cases for something like this! Has my vote.

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I agree - this would be extremely helpful as the dashboard becomes redundant unless being scrubbed for inclusion of newly added boards.

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I also think this feature would be helpful. Many of my colleagues ask if it’s possible to add boards automatically.

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Yes. This feature seems like one everyone would need if you are going to manage a group of projects and team members. Can we get this ASAP?

Really great idea - my team would love to see this to help manage operations across multiple boards.

Is there an update on the timeline for this feature Monday team? :slight_smile: This would be a great feature for us too.

Ya my agency is looking to add a project mgmt software and this was one of the first things I tried to setup.

This would be incredibly helpful feature…voted!