Automation to include a board in a dashboard

I’d like to be able to automate a trigger to include a board in the dashboard view.

We are tracking deliverables across about 40 projects, each with their own board.
I’m using a status column in each project as a tag so all the deliverables easily show up in one dashboard (just filter by the status text).

However we still need to manually add each project to the dashboard. And for admin oversight I’d much prefer it to be an automated process.

I’d like a trigger than can add a board to a dashboard list.

hi @rcalkins

Welcome to the community! Just to prevent possible disappointment, are you aware of the limitations for the number of boards connected to a dashboard?

In many cases (with “high” amount of project boards) it is easier to roll all your project boards into an overview board and then create a dashboard from just that single overview board. With the app Rollup Multiple Boards (see Apps Marketplace) you can easily build such an overview board.