Multiple board feeding into dashboard

We are using project boards, and copied 20x boards from the same template for 20 projects. Now we would like to see the overdue tasks of the 20 boards in one dashboard. Is that possible and a standard feature, which works out of the box?

It seems every special question, is answered by someone who build an app :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your feedback.

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Hi @JohanJ :wave:

You’re not wrong - this is no exception either, as you will find connected board limitations in the native platform. Board connections per plan look like this:

Basic plan: 1 connected board.
Standard plan: 5 connected boards.
Pro plan: 20 connected boards.
Enterprise plan: 60 connected boards.

After that, we recommend the Rollup Multiple Boards app because it’s a one-off cost and blows those limitations right out of your way while adding bolstered scalability. You can’t go wrong with that :wink:

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