Project Reporting across more than 10 boards

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We currently have 30+ projects running across our company. For each project, we have a separate board (custom template), with the following structure: The first group has only one Project Summary pulse, to capture owner/status/start date/end date. Below that, we have separate groups for each project milestones, each with pulses for individual tasks.

We now want to report on all projects that are currently running across the organisation - in one place. The obvious option would be a Program Dashboard - but the fact that dashboards are restricted to 10 linked boards makes this impossible. Another option we have explored is to create a High Level Project board, where each group represents a department, and the pulses represent projects. In order for this to work, we would need to pull in the Project Summary pulses from the different project boards. We tried to achieve this with a Link to Item and Mirrored Columns, but it seems that Monday only allows us to link one board at a time. I found the Multi Board Item Links ALPHA that was mentioned on this forum - but mirroring columns when linking to multiple boards seems currently not supported.

Is there any solution you can think of to report in one place on the status of 30+ projects that each have a separate Project Board?

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Hi @mirkoTN,

Yes there is one way I implement when it when all projects have the same layout. I call it the Master board. Send me a PM and I can show you how it works.

Hi @PedroM ,

I have the same question/issue as mirkoTN and would love to learn how you created the Master board.

Hi @PedroM,

I also have the same question / issue as mirkoTN, call you tell me how you do it?

I use something like this! We have one board and we have all the statuses linked to that board. We would like to also have more then 10 board linked to the dashboards. This is just a high level board.

If you could like see i can provide more information.

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@mirkoTN, I have the same issue.

Would be amazing to know if/how you solved this issue.


Hi, I’d love to know what the best practice solution to this issue is, too.

Depending on the use cases you might also like this app Monday app with automations released

This is building a master - detailed board relationship and reports % of completion of multiple items in the detailed board to the master board,

Hello, Pedro. I have the same doubt as Mirko. Could you please share the wisdom? Thank you!

Hello @diegobessa. Yes of course, I’ll contact you by PM.

Hi @PedroM ,

I have the same question/issue as mirkoTN and would love to learn how you created the Master board.

Hi Pedro. I’d love to understand how you set up your Master Board. Can you help me out?

hi @lbarton, Lisa

I am working very closely together with @Pedro. You can either implement the solution he describes here or wait for our master-detail app that we are planning to release August 28.

Thanks @basdebruin. I don’t see where Pedro described his solution. Am I missing something?

Please do share your master detail app when it’s released. I’d love to take a look.


Hi @lbarton, I don’t see it either :slight_smile:. I think he is using this one, but not entirely sure.


Currently @PedroM is enjoying summer holiday. I am sure he will reply when back to business. Can you describe your use case?

Hi @PedroM could you tell us too, how you have made your master board?

@PedroM Would you be willing to do a screencast and upload it for us to watch. Would love to see how you implemented your master board concept.

Hi @Jody , @Yu1992 I’ve found some time to write an article about it that I’ll post next week.

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Really looking forward to reading it. Thanks so much @PedroM

Hi @Jody , @Yu1992 , @lbarton, @mirkoTN , @Eiryanna , @RobvanHees, @OmerZ, @Johann , @diegobessa, @Sophia.Wolf , I’ve finally found the time to create this article explaining in more detail the Master board workflow:

Hope it helps.