Generating Invoices and PDF reports

Hi Friends. I’m Nir and me and my team are building an app that enables generating PDF reports from board data. If you are looking to integrate with a document generator that takes you data and generates documents like invoices, RFQ, Waybills, Certificates etc We would like to hear from you!

Use this link to contact us and tell us about your needs



We are insterested on it

Hi Hernan. Thanks!

Please fill out this form so we can understand your needs better and we will followup privately.

Ok, i´ll fill it.
But i have taken a little time to repost here all reporting/printing needs that were published in this community. As i said before in other similar threads, im strongly convinced that this solutions needs to be solved by the standar product. We cannot expect as users to be buying additional apps as solutions for obviously missing parts of a product that should be “inside” and not “outside” the platform (not all the cases but this is one).-
Since some time till here, there are no updates or feedback on this “must requested” features, but we have now “dark mode” ??!.
Ok, no more comments, here is a list of relationed post that you could be study for what you might be offering:


Wow Hernan! Thanks! I will go through all posts and try to make sense about prioritizing them.
On a different note, I must say that I’m not affiliated to and wouldn’t know about their plans to build something similar.

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I have sent to you a PM because the form says “form submit failed, try again later”

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Hey Nir! Is this thread for DocuGen app?

While I can’t specifically recommend a third-party app for your use, I have seen an uptick in client usage of DocuGen for populating a document or pdf with data from!

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