Reporting based on SUMS?

Hi y’all,

Our items have 3 key pieces of data: The TOTAL estimated points of effort, the REMAINING effort and the COMPLETED effort ( Total - Remaining = Completed)

What I’d love to do is have some kind of graph that shows us the SUM of TOTAL vs. the SUM of REMAINING.

WHen I try and create a graph it seems like I can only do a COUNT on the X Axis. Is there another way?

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Weirdly, you can do this from inside the board view, but not the Dashboards.

Hey @ScottStephan, are you using numbers columns for each of these pieces of data, and then a formula column for the completed effort?

If so, I’d love to hear if using a chart view on a board and selecting each of the columns for the Y Axis works for you.

Hey Talia,

This works fine from the CHART view on a Board, but it doesn’t work on the Dashboard view which is where I actually want it. It’s a little confusing because the functionality is so similar.

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