Total row adding up all group

so i love the summary row under each group. is there any way to get a total total under the bottom group totaling up ALL the groups? if that makes sense =)


@dreborn Basically a board total. I also looked for this after joining Monday.

I use a chart in split view as a workaround, if it helps.

Add chart type bar and set it to split view so you have it at the top of the page.

Unfortunately it’s only for desktop as the smartphone apps do not display charts.

The kind of summary you are after is traditionally done in a Dashboard.

A good rule of thumb:
Boards are for work flows/ operations,
Dashboards are for overviews, aggregation and insights.


thank you Thomas. Love to chat as well to potentially hire your company

Glad to help!

We will be happy to lend a hand. :slight_smile:
I believe @FredrikEricson contacted you about an initial dialogue?

may have missed the email – i will check again

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Hi Jordan,

I sent you an email on the 10th where I included a link to my calendar so we could meet up.
Ill resend the mail to you.

See you soon!

Hey @nealb and @dreborn!

You can also always see the total of the column by clicking into the footer of the numbers column:


If you haven’t already, I would definitely recommend checking out the pivot board view to aggregate numerical data like this :slight_smile: Pivot Board View

Let me know if this would make sense for you!

Thanks. Still waiting for pivot board to work with formulas to get any real use from it.