Create an invoice for the customer

My current “customer information form” on Excel has been set up to automatically duplicate the information onto an estimate, invoice and receipt.

Now im trying to move my customer information into but im still having to fill out the old Excel forms to get the estimate, invoice and receipt. This is obviously counterproductive especially given that the customer information has frequent updates that will need to be implemented on both Monday and excel every time.

is there an app i can integrate with or something, so my info can be used to create an invoice type of form?


We are interested in a similar application. We are looking to create a pdf document based on information entered in Monday. Our use case is for field staff work orders to create a job report in monday and auto create a document for customer. As a reference, look at the Airtable page designer.

We need the same on our company, the possibility on having customizable and predesigned work forms for any applications _(invoices, work orders, order forms, etc)
I think you should post this on feature request so we can vote this

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@aperegrine, I agree with @hlopezvc. Can you post in feature request so we can vote? I happy to hear others are looking for this too!

ok I’ve copied it into requests now

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