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Are there any options other than Excel for generating reports from boards? I’m open to add ons and integrations.

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Could you specify what kind of reporting you’re looking to generate? This will help us make sure we can recommend the appropriate apps or features to use! :blush:

To generate reports from a board on, you can use the views on your board, such as the Chart View, to reflect a visual breakdown of the data. You can also create a dashboard to get an overview of what’s happening across multiple boards and use widgets like the Chart Widget to view and compare data.

Let us know if those ideas work or if you need something to be generated outside of monday or more downloadable like a PDF!

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Certainly! offers various options for generating reports from boards, and there are alternatives to Excel for this purpose. Here are some features and alternatives you can explore:
1) provides customizable dashboards where you can visualize data from your boards in a visually appealing manner.
2)You can create widgets like charts, graphs, and progress trackers to represent your data.

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Hi @Tammynikki When it comes to integrations, I suggest taking a look at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful. It provides a drag & drop UI for creating reports and you can schedule them to be sent to the selected recipients daily/weekly/monthly. Here’s an example report:


It can contain charts and lists of tasks, and you can add your own commentary in between,
Once you schedule it, the recipients start receiving weekly project status reports that are automatically generated with the most up-to-date data.

You can learn more about this add-on, or start a free trial to give it a try with your own data.