Creating automatic email reports with board view

Hello there!
We have created an content asset creation board. Every week, assets get completed by various people.
I am trying to set an email to be sent every Monday morning showing a specific board view of all the assets that have been completed the previous week.

I can easily do it in AirTable but seem to be restricted in Monday.
The goal is to have it in an email. No need to open Monday.

Anyone has a clue how I could achieve this?
Thank you!


Has there been any update for this? Thank you!! :smiling_face:

@ReturnOfTheMac @Chenry if an add-on is an option, I suggest to take a look at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful. You can create reports and schedule them to be sent daily/weekly/monthly to the selected recipients. Here’s an example report:

You can learn more about the reports feature, and start a free trial via the Monday Marketplace.

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Hello Sami,
this looks great indeed, I’d have to try it.
To me it’s something that should be available out of the box in Monday without the need for another monthly fee.
Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll try it out and see if I can use it as we expect.


Hey @ReturnOfTheMac

We developed an app called Board Report Automations that provides reporting capabilities which are based on actual reports (static docs) and not dashboards. It allows to solve this exact case. Here’s an example →

It also solves a bunch of other cases but I’ll let you find those out :slight_smile:
You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here -

Hope that helps!

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