Print Module Improvements

I think that with all advances on teamwork this year, some other functions are obsolete, like the print option on boards section. I dont mean printing on papers (and the ecology stuff), but to present a professional report on PDF.

Things that need to be improved:

  • Board´s title, description and link: there is a single line printed for board title (board description is not supported), and board link is shown in single line on top right corner. I think there should be a VISUAL way (user choice) to put this fields as desired on a previous view before printing.
  • Possibility to include Company Logo and place it wherever i want.
  • To Include an option to print only a GROUP (not all the board) (same as export to excel).
  • Visual edition to see and select what columns i will print , I mean a to have a visual print designer.
  • To Fix problems when columns exceed the paper width.
  • To Fix problems when pulses are many and exceed the paper height.
  • To Fix column data not showing properly (status colors, subitems resuming on main item, etc).

I think there will be more… but a change is needed.