Print to PDF Removed for Boards

Hi all!

I have seen several old threads for the Print Board or Export Board buttons dissapearing, but all of those are from 2023 or earlier when I believe that issue was resolved.

As of now, there is NO way to print boards in their entirety. - Just last week I was able to go into Board, More Actions, and “Export to PDF” or “Print”.

Now, the button has been removed, and the only work around for this is to make a Dashboard, and import your board into the dashboard as a Widget. Once you do so, you can print it (yay!) except… you only print what is shown on your screen at a given time.

This is absolutely crippling for a company like ours who relies on the ability to print a table in a board to update clients, and our Executives on the status of projects.

At this point, we are severely dissapointed with’s great feature set, and absolutely no way of sharing those features with users who are not on our plan/system already.

If you or your company and workflow use paper, schedules, or tasks, be warned that has no support for exporting or printing to PDF unless you design your workflow around their specific system.

There is so much customization with Monday’s system, making it not only affordable, but a great way of organizing your data, but if you need to print a board… you’re out of luck.

The only current ways to print or export seem to be Gantt Charts (unless they removed that already) and Dashboards - and even if you do print to PDF or export those as PDFs, they come out ridiculously blurry if you have more than 20 items, and unreadable if you have more than 50 items on screen.

I have seen a number of other users with issues similar to this, and can’t fathom how a company such as Monday would remove an option as vital as printing and exporting as a PDF.

I hope this feature request is considered and supported, as I know I am not the only one who prints out documents for use on job-sites and presentations.

Thank you!


We are unable to fully roll Monday out since we can’t hand our on-site staff a task list. Yes, it would be lovely if we could give all the staff Tuff-cased iPads and we had the time to train them and get them comfortable with the tech. Unfortunately, that’s not currently viable.

In addition, ideally we could give our top exec reports from Monday vs writing weekly summaries in email. I can hear all of you saying “they should just go to” Sure.
Let’s force our top exec conform to Monday’s work flow vs their own preferred workflow.

In addition, sometimes we need a non-living “current state” document as backup… for example our off-boarding checklist. Yes, we can check the audit log, but a PDF is a fixed-in-time doc showing what was done when.

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Printing to a PDF is instrumental in so many ways, our workflow also requires us to show how progress has changed, and Monday being a living spreadsheet is unable to show a historical progression.

I sympathize with your case Naomi, please share this thread with your colleagues, the more support/likes/replies we can generate the closer to the top this thread will float!

Hi @Techy123 , @Naomi_C ,

you can use the app DocExport to print out your boards.
The app uses Word templates with placeholders. So you can specify which columns you want to export. You can also use tables inside the Word template to reproduce the look of monday.
Here you can see how to get the color coding for status values and groups in your report:

It’s also possible to create a monday automation so that the report is automatically send via email every day / week / month.

In the DocExport template gallery you can find examples you can then modify to fit your needs.

DocExport works with formulas, mirror-columns, images, QR-Codes and Charts. It’s also GDPR compliant.


Thank you very much for your input, that may actually be a viable workaround. I’ve installed the add-on and will experiment with it. Your help is much appreciated.

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