Export PDF or Print Updates tab view to PDF

I need to export to PDF or Print (to PDF.) One update or all the updates on an item. Ideally, images would print inline, too, and not break across pages. I think more than find if embedded and attached files display the name with hyperlink to url of the doc if you can go the PDF export route. Even just printing the text with rich text formatting would be better than the nothing we can print now. Data is basically lost in monday and cannot get it out for use as longitudinal documentation in the Updates section. Exporting the entire spreadsheet to excel does not meet this need in any fashion, ruins formatting, excludes images and other inline references to files, etc.

This appears raised previously and closed unresolved:

Please provide a solution.

I have this exact same question! Has anyone else come up with a solution?

Hey! I just wanted provide an update on our printing feature. We are in the process of removing the print button and creating a better printing/exporting system for our users. Currently, the export to PDF’ offers same functionality as print, but with better results including:

  • Formatting to ensure full widget length/width
  • Supporting more widgets (e.g. gantt)
  • Removing unneeded information

We value and take into consideration community feedback in our development decisions and encourage you to continue to vote and submit features.

Hi @Julietteb

are there any updates on this? At the moment, I neither see a button to print boards or even export to PDF.

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@Julietteb Hi! I can’t see a print option and I don’t see the pdf export you’re mentioning either…
Can you help?

Hi! Sorry for the delay!

To clarify, To clarify, we have removed to the print option. We suggestion printing by exporting dashboard to a pfd and board to excel.

Let me know if this helps?

This does not help, as I want some of my employees to just see the board as-is. When I export it, there is much reformatting/resizing I need to do in Excel to get it back to a concise view. I would prefer to just print the image of the board.

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It is so frustrating that we can not print. We are now seriously considering to make the move to another planningtool even though we have spent considerable time setting up MONDAY. We tried add-ons but they have issues also (like not printing formula fields). Export to excel is also not working in case of SUM fields. Please try to upgrade as soon as possible

Hi Juliette,

Any ideas on when the pdf export feature will be updated so it includes the full width and height. I am experiencing issues trying to export a Gannt chart to the client. Currently it cuts off what ever does not fit on the screen.