Export an item to pdf

Right now, it is only possible to export an item to Excel but not to PDF.
In the CRM product, it is only possible to edit an invoice.

I would like to be able to export an item into pdf and be able to have an editor to select which values I want to export depending on the choice of the column to export.

For example the uses cases would be : export to pdf the profile of a person, a cutomer request or a product, whare all the values are in an item.

It could be also the possibility to send a nice document to customers or to other departments internally, or to print it.

This feature request is similar but talks only about updates.

I just started using the DocuGen app

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Hi @lwtriad @delia ,

Exporting to PDF was a specific requirement from one of our clients - McDonalds!

If you’d like to see how we did it, I’ll be running a 30min webinar on the 21st of Nov @12.15pm (GMT), to showcase the McDonalds solution.

Feel free to join by registering here !

I’ll speak through the maccas problem statement, demo the solution, talk through our process and the outcome. :boom: